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Graviemore Saturday day/evening tickets and Saturday evening party tickets..

###Saturday day ticket:### £35

This gets you access to all the GPX files of all the routes so you can come back and ride them in your own time.

so you rock up on saturday morning,


- Decide which route your'e doing and then maybe find new pals to ride with... then shred the Gravel gnar.

- Come back to the farm grab a shower make use of the BBQ that we've provided to cook your dinner that you have bought with you.

- Rock out to the band 'Good Guy Hank' and enjoy some of the finest Inshriach Gin and Juice or local Ale. Go full send on the bad dance moves!

- Stay over if it suits. we can organise a camp pitch for you. £10

Saturday evening band and bar rave ticket £6

This Badger is the ticket for if you cannae or don't want to ride bikes and just want to come along and enjoy the the Band 'Good Guy Hank' and some other tunes, and some of the finest Gin and Ale in the land.

Starting around 19:00- 23:00 on Saturday the 17th September

Tickets available at

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