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GrAvie-pooping is Go!

With the launch of the website it's been great to see folks visiting from around the world. Well I'm here with the news that may help you make up your mind abour the weekend camping ticket at Graviemore

The good folks down on the beautiful Inshriach estate have just taken delivery some of the poshest bogs I've ever seen!

So have no fear we have you wee jobbies sorted they will be transported away via some proper porcelain.

Here's what the team had to say,

'Here’s another exciting new development, this time in the world of bathrooms.

Last year we designed this mobile double bathroom, complete with showers, loos, windows, central heating and insulation for the Scottish winter.

It has waste tanks underneath so it can stand alone with just water and power connected. It can run on its own gas boiler or be connected to our biomass plant and

it drains into our existing septic tank.

Open days, @canopyandstars guests and courses never had it so good.

It’s a thing of beauty and a game changer in terms of what we can now do down in the farm. And it smartens things up no end. Thanks to Fred at @eventwashrooms for dealing with a bespoke build under challenging circumstances.'

I think you'll agree we've got your pooping covered..


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