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The Bothy Project is itself the product of another project! It was built as part of a plan to establish a series of studios in diverse locations across Scotland, where artists can hide themselves away and get creative. To read more about this imaginative attempt to mobilise the Scottish art community, take a look here. 

During the summer months, the bothy is available for you to stay in and you can get as creative, or be as lazy, as you like. The Bothy Project invites you to try your hand at some rustic living. You cook on the wood-burner, shower in the fresh air and clamber up to the mezzanine bed for a peaceful night's sleep.

  • The Bothy

    The bothy project is a stunning place to experience Graviemore, and costs £315 for 3 nights. You will also need a  Glamping ticket which gives you access to the event.

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